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Easter 2013

Posted by on April 1, 2013

This year, like the years before, we visited Rough Creek Lodge over the Easter weekend and had a great time, as usual.  Rough Creek is in Glen Rose, Texas and their pricing is all-inclusive — breakfast and dinner and lots of activities and amenities on site.

We started the trip off Friday morning, leaving our house at about 11:30 and headed out on the open road.  Several years ago, we got the kids these cheap portable DVD players— they are linked together so they have to watch the same thing and aren’t the top of the line in electronics, but they have survived bouncing around and being manhandled by my kiddos, which says a lot!

Almost exactly an hour into the trip the kid’s got hungry for lunch.  We were passing right through Burleson at the time and right in front of us was a sign for Babe’s Chicken Dinner House.  If you’ve never been to Babe’s, it’s decent home style food.  I think the original offered fried chicken or chicken fried steak, but most of their locations have expanded their menus to include fried catfish, smoked chicken, and chicken fingers.  You order the entrée and they bring salad, sides, and biscuits until you tell them you’re full.

Usually, we try to hit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center straight away since the kids are already loaded up in the car and there’s no reason to lose momentum, but since we left a bit later today and with our dinner reservations a bit earlier, we went to the hotel instead.

As we were pulling up to the hotel, I noticed that they had the pony rides going, so I told Way-Way that I would handle getting us checked in if she wanted to take the kids and let them go for a ride before they missed it for the day.

Check in was a breeze.  They booked us in a room with a queen bed, a twin bed, and a set of bunk beds — the kids definitely had fun with that.  While I was getting us checked in and taking a look at the room, Claire and Gavin had finished their pony rides and were actually off to the next activity, which was a barrel ride around the parking lot.  What fun!

Nice touch.  A personalized cookie and other goodies for us at check in.

A personalized cookie and other goodies for us at check in.


Claire and Gavin enjoy a barrel ride

Claire and Gavin enjoy a barrel ride

After the activities, we went back to the hotel room for a bit to relax and let the kids rest.  I mentioned to them that they were going to go to a party while Mommy and Daddy went to dinner.  It might have been a mistake because they immediately started complaining about having to go to the kids’ party.  Oh the horror!  I don’t want to watch a movie!  I don’t want to play games and color!

Well, the kids protested all the way until we went on a hayride and Claire made a friend on the ride and was now eager to go play with her at the kids’ party.  The kids really loved the hayride even though it was just a ride around the grounds there at the hotel.  At the end of it, we dropped the kids off at the party and headed off to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was amazing.  I had a crab cocktail for an appetizer and Way-Way had mussels to start.  They were both wonderful.  Way-Way’s dish was accented with some house made salami, which was just perfect with the mussels.  I had a rib eye steak for my main course and Way-Way continued on her seafood theme and had scallops, and again, both were great.  Desserts were great as well — buttermilk pie for me and banana pudding for the missus.  I couldn’t eat all of my food and had to take away 1/2 the steak, which the kids devoured later that night.

The next day, everyone slept in until about 10am!  The funniest thing is that the first thing that Gavin said as he got up was how much he loved the kids’ party!  We managed to get up and about and over to breakfast before heading out for the day.  Breakfast was buffet style, but very solid.  Cereals, eggs, fruit, breakfast meats, migas, potatoes, various breads, biscuits and gravy, house smoked salmon and an omelet station, if I’m not forgetting anything.  It would be a typical high end buffet that you might find at any 4 or 5 star hotel.

After breakfast, we decorated some Easter eggs and cookies before heading out to Fossil Rim.  This year, the kid’s weren’t as captivated by the animals, but were still interested enough that it wasn’t worthless.  We made it through pretty quickly and ended back at the hotel to pretty much repeat the activities from the previous day: pony ride, barrel ride, hayride, and kids’ party and dinner.  This time around, Claire and Gavin were both super excited about the kids’ party.  In fact, they were leading the way — we just couldn’t get there fast enough.  When we went to go pick them up, they weren’t done playing and Way-Way and I waited around about 1/2 hour or more until they were ready to go.

Feeding giraffes

Feeding giraffes

Sunday morning, the kids’ slept in again, and when they woke up, I sent them to answer the door.  No one was actually at the door, but the Easter bunny had left baskets for them.  They were obviously super excited to rip into their baskets to see what they got.  After we got up and dressed, we were right on time for the Easter egg hunt that the hotel puts on.

Gavin on the egg hunt

Gavin is super impressed by the Easter egg hunt

After the Easter egg hunt, the kids discovered that there were chicks and ducklings that they could play with, so we spent some time doing that and then headed over to brunch.  Again, the brunch was fabulous — take their breakfast buffet and crank it up a couple of notches.  In addition to the breakfast foods, they had a carving station with ham and beef, eggs benedict, salads, pastas, and an awesome dessert bar with cheesecake, chocolate cake, brownies, crème brulee, blueberry crumble, and homemade ice cream with a sundae bar.  It was delicious and made for one sleepy car ride back home!

Claire holding two chick

Claire Holding Two Chicks

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