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We are The Pees on Earth

We are The Pees – James, Way-Way, Claire, and Gavin — and we live in Dallas, Texas. We’ve always loved to travel, but now that the kids (ages 5 and 3) are on the scene, we make sure our vacations are very family friendly. That doesn’t mean that we go to boring places, though! Claire took her first trip — to Aspen, Colorado — when she was a few months old, and we’ve visited places that you wouldn’t normally be first on your list of family vacation destinations like Las Vegas or Key West (during spring break, no less!). We started traveling as a family in 2008, when Claire wasn’t even a year old, and we’ve gone on one, two, or more family trips every year since then. When Gavin joined us in late 2009, that just added to the fun!

Where We’ve Been

These are the places that we’ve chosen to visit – some of them very carefully thought out and others because our extended family was in charge of the plans, but either way, we’ve always had a good time. This is a catalog of the wonderful places we’ve been and some of our hints and tips about travelling with kids and how to enjoy family — even extended family — vacations.  Of course, the bottom line is, no matter where you are, if you are there with people you love, that’s what really matters.

There may be places that we haven’t mentioned or haven’t gotten around to posting about, so feel free to email us or drop us a comment and we will do our best to give our view of those spots.